Prepare senior leaders for future roles of increasing consequence; develop a strong bench for succession planning for the most senior roles in the company, including, long term, the CEO and COO positions. Prepare executives for current challenges and future responsibility. Create a generation of new leaders prepared to succeed the current executive team at some point in the future.

Accelerate the learning and successful transition of executives in new senior leadership roles. A structured, intentional new leader transition plan with coaching results in greater success and productivity of the executive and the team.

Provide the opportunity for personal/professional insight and introspection. Increase awareness and understanding of “blind spots.”  Create a plan for development of leadership skills and acumen (vs. “management skills”). Help executives to reach their full potential as leaders.

Facilitate skill and increase knowledge in how to develop high performing individuals and teams below them. This extends the critical practice of developing a strong bench.

Provide an objective sounding board for key talent in the organization; decision making, communication, and productivity improves as a result. An additional benefit is that the negative stress felt by the executive is typically diminished and/or managed more effectively.

Create a coaching culture in the organization where coaching is considered a benefit and an executive perk for the most talented leaders.