Executive coaching facilitates the development of the full professional potential of an individual. The executive gains awareness of both leadership strengths and opportunities during the process, and is guided in the pursuit of excellence by an advisor, Rebecca Clark, who has demonstrated both expertise and wisdom in this sphere of consulting.

Coaching Goals

The goals of leadership coaching are to:

  • Enhance the performance of the executive as both a thought leader and a leader of people;
  • Create insights about leadership style, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and strategic and executive thinking;
  • Facilitate successful transition to future leadership roles;
  • Guide participant in development of effective working relationships and team success;
  • Assess, clarify and coach the participant on key effectiveness issues;
  • Assist the executive to identify and change ineffective behaviors that may be “blind spots;”
  • Provide support for a valued employee who needs to make difficult behavioral changes.

The assessment process provides the executive participant personal insights and can accelerate development as a leader. Included in the process are assessments of interpersonal style, communication style, strengths and opportunities. An in-depth review of career history, talents and accomplishments is conducted. Multi-rater feedback (interview “360’s”) is recommended.

Goal Setting/Action Plan

Upon synthesis of the information gained from the assessment, goal setting and action planning begins. Areas for development emerge from the 360 feedback, as well as what the participant believes to be important for development. The executive’s supervisor also will participate in goal setting for the coaching.

The coach will assist the participant analyze the information to focus on areas for development. A plan is drawn up with behavioral goals, actions, timetables, and feedback mechanisms. It is important for the plan to be concrete, specific, actionable and observable. Input and involvement of the supervisor is encouraged.


The coach and participant will meet regularly in person or by phone. Establishing a trusting relationship is an early focus that facilitates making immediate progress. During coaching pressing issues are discussed and the coach will offer insight and assist in strategic analysis, problem solving and preparation for upcoming meetings, activities, and projects. Also the coach will serve as an impartial sounding board and advisor to the executive. Emphasis is placed on effective leadership, development of strong communication skills, increased emotional intelligence, and executive maturity. The coaching sessions are designed to establish and achieve clear goals that will result in improved business and personal effectiveness.

Rebecca Clark is a skilled coach and her clients rely upon her focus on practical solutions and outcomes, ability to establish and maintain trusting relationships, and unquestionable ethics and integrity. She has earned the respect of countless professionals as a result of keen insight, direct and honest feedback, the wisdom of experience, and sound judgment.