360-Degree Feedback

Multi-rater feedback, sometimes known as “360 feedback,” is an important management development tool. Information gained from a peer review contributes significantly to the self-awareness of an executive or manager. The feedback is without attribution and the information is gathered either electronically or via one-to-one interviews conducted by a coach. The feedback is presented in charts with comments or verbatim responses to specific questions. All the feedback is anonymous. Patterns of executive strength and opportunity areas emerge. Structured feedback from supervisor(s), peer, and subordinates broadens the perspective of the employee.

Rebecca Clark is skilled at obtaining feedback for executives by conducting and documenting a series of interviews with specific questions to reveal executive acumen. She also has experience facilitating understanding from electronic 360 reports. This information alerts the executive to strengths that can be leveraged for more effective leadership, as well as opportunities for self-development to minimize or neutralize weaker areas.