Career Planning and the Job Search

Career planning and engaging in a job search are activities that lead to career fulfillment for all stages of career development from the recent college graduate to mid-life career changer to the seeker of new career opportunities at any age. Setting career direction is a dynamic process that includes assessing interests, skills, strengths, values and motivators in combination with identifying and researching career targets with the guidance of an experienced career counselor. Engaging in a job search requires being fully prepared to present oneself in writing, on the phone, and  in-person. Elements of a comprehensive job search include: developing a professional resume describing experience and education; establishing a strategy for the job search with a thorough marketing plan; and in-depth preparation for all verbal communication including networking and interviewing. A description of these services follows.

Career Planning and Goal Setting


Career related inventories are provided to help the participant develop a thorough understanding of their personal style; skills and abilities; talents and strengths; interests; personal characteristics; values; motivators; and potential challenges.

Becky will help the participant to gain a better understanding of self and how the information gained from the assessment relates to careers. Not only is assessment essential to career planning, the self-insight gained is critical to successful networking and interviewing.

 Career Research

The participant is provided information and assistance to research career fields of interest identified in the assessment process. This includes guidelines and web resources for career research.

 Guidance and Planning

Becky helps the participant to synthesize all information available and establish a career direction and plan. She is available to provide on-going career counseling.

Job Search Coaching

 Resume Development

Assistance in developing a professional resume showcasing relevant experience and activities in a complimentary format is provided, with coaching on inclusion of material for a Linked-In summary. 

 Marketing Plan

Coaching and information are provided on the job search and marketing plans, including assistance in developing a written multi-channel strategy and marketing plan.


Special attention is focused on the fundamentals of developing, organizing and using a network of contacts in the job search. This includes scripting and practicing a network conversation, and organizing the networking activity.

Interview Preparation and Practice

Coaching and practice contribute to successful interviewing. The coach reviews participant answers to potential interview questions and supports the participant in the development of a two minute presentation of background. Debriefing of interviews is also provided; this counseling improves success in subsequent interviews and helps reveal the nuances of the previous interview.

Continuing Support

On-going counseling and coaching to assist with plan execution, networking, and job offer negotiation.


The participant is provided a manual with supporting material on all facets of the job search.